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Day 2 and Chemicals (pt. 1) - The Concrete Evidence
Moscow Ringroad

I should make you aware of that I'm making these posts retroactively, as I only today got the idea of starting a blog about it. The purpose of this blog is to motivate me further, as well as giving me opportunities to reflect on things. Everyone is free to make comments.

When making  the decision of giving up smoking I immediately made it official, to make it harder for myself in case of feeling like giving in to potential temptation. The more eyes watching you, the more carefully you behave. This may not be interpreted as that I am doing it for others rather than myself because if so was the case, this project would have been doomed already from the start.

Ponder this:
There are many pros concerning giving up smoking: You become of better health, you feel better, look better, smell better and decrease the risk of eventually suffering painful, slowly killing diseases, and so on.
When not having the wish or will of quitting, it's easy to explain the pros by persistent nonchalance claim that you like it, because it makes you feel so good. It's relaxing and help you chill, right? That's the voice of the addict sounding as smoking is such a great distraction. It gives you something to do when suffering elements such as boredom and restlessness which adds up to a simple fact pronounced as an escape from reality in exactly the same way as regarding alcohol for an alcoholic or drugs for a drug addict, with the only difference that cigarettes doesn't prevent you from leading a normal life, performing your every day tasks. The objective truth is that even if smoking may be sensually and maybe even emotionally enjoyable, there are no real pros.

As a smoker, you're always tired. You are rarely aware of it because you're used to being in such a state, but then again everything is relative. To get a bit more personal for a moment, I'll give you myself as an example: Assigned to a full time daytime job, I rarely get enough sleep, but rather the opposite. Still I was able to manage a head as heavy as King Sisyphus' boulder, at least until I had the first smoke of the day. As soon as the substance filled my lungs, everything turned into a haze, and all I wanted to do was to sleep [of course I was exhausted from inhaling exhausts]. The funny thing about this, is that even if I had tried to, I would probably not have been able to, and why is that?

The answer is simple: Whilst the action itself, of lighting up and inhaling, may to some be relaxing, the rest simply is not. In the previous post, I mentioned how cigarettes may affect the human body under special circumstances, but there's more to it than that, and now to once again get personal: Being someone with probable deficits of certain neurotransmitters,  who is often exposed to mental stress, smoking a cigarette could sometimes even lead to a sudden sense of depression or nervousness, which makes it even more obvious that smoking causes chemical imbalance.

- Only one day after my first cigarette free day, I experienced a notable change of state concerning both of the above: I'm mentally calmer than before and the tiredness I suffer from the lack of sleep is manageable. The fact that I didn't wake up with a swollen face was just an extra bonus.

Still, this is all just on a very early stage. This is only today. Tomorrow it might all be different. 
How should I know - I've never done this before.


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