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Cause and Small Effects
Moscow Ringroad
First of all I need to make a note. I two different previous posts I have stated:

[Induced by smoking] "Increase of heartbeat, hands shaking, body shivering and above all the mental stress and angst efficiently mating with it."


[Concerning chemical imbalance] "Smoking increases the brain's production of dopamine and  -more importantly- noradrenaline."

In this  post, I refer to a few so called stress hormones [noradrenaline, dopamine, adrenaline] and how smoking increase the levels of these. If you read the first quote above, it obviously indicates that sometimes there can be an over-dosage which leads to actual physical and mental angst. This to me is very interesting and needs to be investigated further.


Today is my 5th day as a non smoker.
How am I doing and how is it going?

It's going surprisingly well, except from getting an unexpected urge to light up as I had my first cup of coffee this morning. I surprise myself by not, at least only very rarely, thinking of cigarettes, so in approximately 99% of these New Days that have past, abstinence has not been a problem.

Currently I find it very important to walk step by step and not give in to exaggerated self confidence and/or illusions of having already reached the goal, because I know that the addiction is still there: Even an alcoholic can go through a hand full of days without drinking.

Lying in bed last night, I realized that something had changed: The sensation of a heavy pressure on my chest that I'm so used to feel every night, was suddenly gone and breathing was easy. I must say that over all I feel healthier already.

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Haha, gratuitous icon post. :)

Oh, and yay for positive results!

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