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NH3 and American Fags
Moscow Ringroad
Amongst other substances hazardous to health, cigarettes contain ammonia, and everybody is familiar with what ammonia do to our breathing organs:  The state of matter of  ammonia in room temperature is gas and it's literally corrosive when inhaled.

Let me tell you a short story about when I went to America 5 years ago.
I was going to be there for about five days and hadn't brought any cigarettes from home. I soon ran out of those few left in my package and thus went to the closest convenient store to by myself a new pack, choosing the only brand I was familiar with, assuming that it would be the same thing as back home. It wasn't. As soon as I inhaled, a burning sensation spread down my throat and as soon as I was done with that first American fag, I sensed it as a strange and undefinable pressure on my chest, which I of course  wasn't comfortable with. At that time I was smoking 12-16 cigarettes a day, but whilst being in the US I could not smoke more than maybe 3-4 cigarettes a day, no more than what was needed to entertain my addiction. It was impossible to exceed that number as smoking was just too painful.

The day it was time to return home, I was not feeling well. I wasn't able to define what was wrong, only that it seemed to have something to do with my throat. On the plane I got worse and worse and when finally re-entering the grounds of the fatherland, I was very ill. Only a few days later I found out that American cigarettes contains a considerably higher amount of ammonia than their European equivalents. I also found out why: Another quality of ammonia happens to be as whilst it dissolves the structure of your lungs, it also makes you more susceptible to other substances. For example nicotine. Ergo: You get addicted faster and that way the American tobacco companies are able to make more money on behalf of your health. Now ponder that.


On day 6, I experience notable changes in my attitude towards smoking, as well as concerning my general state of mind and I ask myself what smoking possibly can have done to my psyche during all these years. I can't exaggerate and say that I feel happy and full of energy because that's not quite true, but neither am I depressed or stressed. I'd rather describe this as a feeling of relief. Without quite knowing if that's the proper word for descibing the state I'm referring to, but I feel ...natural in a way I can't say I have ever sensed before. This is very interesting and it affects my self esteem as well. Perhaps are these the side effects of having made such an important decision and sticking to it, but it feels quite pleasant.

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Totally unrelated to this post, but more to this blog in general:
1: Yay! :)
2: I fully support you in this, do you have any suggestions how I (and others) could assist in your effort?
3: Hug!!

2: No, not really, because it all adds up to that my own will is pretty much the only thing that counts in this matter. Others being encouraging is always nice, but should I -just to give an example- decide to give up my efforts, it would not really matter what others were saying.


Tbh, I think knowing that there are people supporting me, is enough. I'm happily surprised that there are so many encouraging me in this. :)


Quit smoking.

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